I don’t have an account – how do I create one?

Here’s the steps you can follow to create an account:

  • Select Login on the Marketing Page
  • Select Login
  • Select Create Account
  • You’ll need to provide name, email and password, accept the Terms of Service then Select Create Account
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the email provided and you’ll need to select the link to activate your account

I have an account but how do I register for courses?

Interested in signing up for courses – here’s the steps to follow:

  • Select an item of interest on this page or navigate to the Marketplace to view the entire course listing
  • Select Get Started
  • Select Next on the “This training is for me” section
  • You’ll need to enter your account information or if you haven’t yet created an account, you can select Create Account
  • Select Register to confirm your interest
  • Select Start Learning to start your course or return to the Marketplace to register for additional content