To create a Virtual Course Offering, use the “+Add Offering” button in the top right of the platform, under Course Offerings.  You’ll be prompted to provide the following information: 

  • Course: choose from a selection (where applicable) of Virtual Courses specifically customized to your network or select Virtual Classroom. 
  • Offering Details: 
    • Private or Public – a private offering can be reserved for a specific employer, while a public offering will be open to any Learners (if Private, you’ll be prompted to select the Employer from a dropdown list).
    • Publish – a published class will be seen by any Learners in the StoreFront/Marketplace.
    • Instructor – each course will need an Instructor, which you’ll be able to choose from a pre-populated list.
    • Seats – select the number of openings for the Offering (must be greater than 1)
    • Free – if this is toggled on, you will not be required to fill out further payment information.
    • Price – for offerings that are not Free, you’ll need to set a price.
    • Show Price – you can choose whether price is indicated in a Course Offering (if it is toggled off, Learners will be instructed to contact you for more information).
    • Special Instructions – a space to add any special details that pertain to the Course Offering. 
  • Contact Information for Offering – enter email address with optional space for telephone and fax numbers. 
  • Virtual Offering Link – enter the virtual link for the course. 

Note: The virtual offering link will not display in Marketplace for bookings or for reserved seats.  The link will be included in the notification to the learner when the seat moves from reserved to registered.

  • Select Dates of Offering – use the Calendar to indicate the dates and times this course will be offered (some courses are two days mandatorily). 


Complete your work by selecting “Save” in the bottom right corner.